Law Firm Serving Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove remains one of the most unique, and charming neighborhoods of Miami. Also known as “The Grove”, Coconut Grove is, in fact, the oldest inhabited village within the urban city of Miami! It provides a quaint, and beautiful escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city. 

“The Grove” was settled way back in the 1800’s and remains the oldest village within Miami. It’s very relaxed atmosphere features a bohemian type feel. All sorts of shops, restaurants, cafes, bars and boutiques can be seen lining the streets of the area. With sidewalks along all streets and everything within walking distance, Coconut Grove is very pedestrian friendly. 

The beauty of the area can be seen in one of the several parks located in Coconut Grove. Most parks are bay front, providing stunning views of the Biscayne Bay. Kennedy Park, Peacock Park, and The Barnacle Historic State Park are popular.

Sailing in Coconut Grove is a one of a kind experience. Often referred to as the sailing capital of Miami, Coconut Grove attracts sailors of all skill levels, beginners to the advanced. With a short distance to a handful of seaside eateries and shops, this location is perfect for tourists and locals alike.

Coconut Grove’s Historic Village West features a wonderful opportunity to experience history. Originally settled in the 1800’s, this part of the area was inhabited by a large number of African Americans and Bahamian’s who traveled from the Bahama’s for work on Coconut Grove. Today the area is well known for its rich culture, history and festivals celebrating the unique populations from the area.

Shopping in the area is an exciting experience with tons of options. From specialty boutiques to hippie stores, and eclectic shops, there is something for everyone in Coconut Grove. CocoWalk is the prime location for shopping.

Waterfront restaurants, quaint cafes, and historic eateries make Coconut Grove a great location for food. From fabulous seafood to American favorites everyone can find something. Some of the most popular restaurants include Chart House, Monty’s Raw Bar, and Peacock Garden Café.

Coconut Grove is one of the most attractive locations in the Miami area. It’s laid-back, island feel attracts Miami natives and tourists alike. The beauty of the bay, history of the village, and tons of specialty shops and restaurants make Coconut Grove a prime destination to visit.