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What is the Role of a Bankruptcy Trustee?

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What is the Role of a Bankruptcy Trustee?

One party that your Florida Bankruptcy attorney will have to interact with, on a filers behalf, is the Bankruptcy Trustee.  A Bankruptcy Trustee basically represents the interest of the creditors whom the bankruptcy filer owes money to.

Under 11 USC  §704, the Bankruptcy Trustee’s duties include:
  1. quickly collecting and selling the property of the bankruptcy estate;
  2. being held accountable for all property that they receive from the bankruptcy filer;
  3. investigating the financial affairs of the debtor;
  4. examining proof of claims and objecting to the allowance of any claim that is improper;
  5. opposing the discharge of the debtor (if advisable); and
  6. unless the court orders otherwise, furnish such information concerning the estate and the estate’s administration as is requested by a party in interest

There are many moving parts to every Florida Bankruptcy petition and each filing is different. If you are considering filing for Bankruptcy, contact a Miami Bankruptcy Attorney at the Law Offices of Jeffrey Alan Aenlle, PA.