Can I Obtain Child Support from an Unemployed Parent?

Child Support from Unemployed Parent in Miami, Florida

Can I Obtain Child Support from an Unemployed Parent?

If you are owed child support but are having trouble obtaining it because the other parent is unemployed, you may wondering  what you can do about it. In the State of Florida, there are many things that are taken into consideration for ordering child support payments. While you may be scared that you will not receive any child support until the other parent becomes employed again, there is hope.

In Florida, child support payment amounts are usually based on the parent’s current income. If the parent is unemployed, the payments are based on his or her most recent income or their qualifications and ability to work. If a parent is receiving unemployment benefits, the child support amount may be based on the unemployment amount until the parent finds new employments.

If a parent chooses to become or stay unemployed, the state may order the child support payment amount to be based on the parent’s most recent wages or, if none, the state’s minimum wage may be “imputed” as his most recent salary. So, even though the parent is no longer employed, he or she will still be legally responsible for the support payments.

Anyone ordered to pay child support must report a change in job or income the agency handling the matter and the state. If a person refuses to report income or fails to show up for a child support hearing or court date, the state may assume that that person is earning an income that is equivalent to the median income of year-round, full-time workers in the same state and city.

Parents who have been ordered to pay child support payments but refuse or do not make the payments face a variety of penalties. These penalties are designed to motivate responsible parent to make their payments. The penalties can include late fees, garnished wages, fines, time in jail and a revoked or suspended driver’s license.

Trying to get the child support you are owed can be a frustrating process. Child support enforcement agencies work hard to make sure payments are being made, but the process can take a while. If you are owed child support and are concerned about not being able to collect it because the person who owes it to you is unemployed, it is important to contact your state’s child support enforcement agency. If you are unable to get the support you are owed, it may be necessary to contact an attorney for help.  Even if it takes months or years, you will get the money that is owed to you.

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