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A Miami Child Support obligation stems from the state of Florida’s codification of the moral and ethical obligations that parents of a minor child have, which are the duties to support, educate, and provide the child with adequate food, clothing, and shelter to their children until the children reach the age of majority. Accordingly, child support payments are to be used in order to further those ends. The penalties can be onerous  for a parent’s’ willful failure to pay for child support. This failure to provide child support can even render the non-paying parent susceptible to felony charges.

Generally speaking, the legal obligation, under Florida law, of providing child support generally arises from either a contractual obligation or from actual biological parentage. Of course, there are other ways in which this duty can be imposed, such as in an equitable estoppel type action. Consider a situation  in which an ex-husband (who was neither the biological nor the adoptive father of the child) practically raises a child, completely and willingly assumed the role of father –  holding the child out as his own,  from the date of the child’s birth until the child reaches the age of nine. Can that man be compelled to pay child support?  The Florida Family Courts think so. (see Wade v. Wade, 536 So. 2d 1158, 1160 (Fla. 1st DCA 1988))

Of course, every child support matter is unique and our child support attorney represents clients from both sides of the spectrum. We represent parents who are trying to collect support on behalf of their children. We also represent parents who have run into financial difficulty, are having trouble making support payments at the currently assessed level and are in need of a downward modification of those child support payments.

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