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We are proud to be able to provide counsel to Florida’s families that are in need of legal advice. 

A Family Law Attorney is an attorney that typically deals with issues that may legally alter the structure of the family unit. The issues that a Family Law Attorney handles commonly include Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce Process), Annulments, Adoption, Child Visitation, Parental Responsibility (Time-Sharing, Custody), Paternity, Post-Divorce Modification or Enforcement, Parental Relocation, Prenuptial Agreements, and Postnuptial Contracts, etc. Below, we have provided detail, as well as links to more information about the issues that are commonly dealt with by our Family Law firm.

What do you want your life to look like one year from now?
While the length of the divorce process in Florida typically takes only a few months (depending upon the type of divorce that you file for), we love to ask the question “What do you want your life to look like one year from now?” Our law firm will help you to develop a new family structure that will help you achieve that goal, be it through the development of proper time-sharing (physical custody) plan for you and your children or simply a clean dissolution between you and your spouse.

A Family Law Attorney’s goal should be to provide you with creative legal solutions to issues that you are facing. We do this by providing you with enough information about the advantages and disadvantages of the most viable legal options, thereby helping you to make a well-informed decision based upon your particular circumstances.

Our Family Law Firm’s strength is in the development of creative solutions which are the most expedient and least financially and emotionally disruptive to your family. 

Dissolution of Marriage (Florida Divorce Proceedings)

While the process is never easy, our firm will do its best to make sure it is as painless as possible. We provide a free divorce consultation in which we discuss all of your concerns with the process. We’ll also point out potential legal and practical issues that
may be peculiar to your situation and attempt to provide clarity to any areas of the law which may be murky to you. At the end of the conversation, we’ll set a list of your objectives and let you know what you will be able to expect in the process. 

Florida Child Custody Matters

In Florida, a Parenting Plan, either Supervised (“Safety Focused”) or Unsupervised, is required in all cases involving time-sharing (custody) of minor children. At a minimum, the Parenting Plan must describe (in detail) the responsibility for the daily tasks that are necessary to complete in the raising of the children. The time-sharing arrangements must be established. These will specify the dates/times that the minor children will spend with each parent. The responsibility for health care, school-related matters, and all other activities must also be clarified. The means and methods that will be employed to foster communication between the child and parent must also be discussed.

Florida Child Support Matters

Under Florida law, children are due to support from their parents (and sometimes others) until they reach the age of majority. There are many factors which come into play in the Florida family court’s decision as to who should be making payments and how much they should be paying. Our Miami Divorce Attorney helps Florida families grapple with these issues.


In a proceeding for dissolution of marriage, the court may grant alimony to either party, which alimony may be bridge-the-gap, rehabilitative, durational, or permanent in nature or any combination of these forms of alimony. In any award of alimony, the court may order periodic payments or payments in a lump sum or both. The court may consider the adultery of either spouse and the circumstances thereof in determining the amount of alimony, if any, to be awarded.

Prenuptial Agreements

Prior to marriage, it’s a good idea to attempt to clarify the rights and duties of the engaged couple so that they are absolutely clear about the post-dissolution disposition of their marital and pre-marital assets. If the engaged couple has the foresight to come to an agreement beforehand, it provides each of the parties with peace of mind as they know exactly where they stand should their marriage end prematurely.

Free Consultation with a Miami Divorce Attorney

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Frequently Asked Questions About Family Law

What is Family Law?
Family Law is the bucket term used to describe legal practice areas which focus on changing the legal structure of a family unit. Family Law attorneys typically handle the divorce process, annulments, child visitation, custody, paternity, prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements, etc.

How do I file for Divorce? 
In order to file for divorce,  you simply need to go down to your local circuit courthouse and file a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage.

Do I need a Divorce Attorney?
It may be better to consider filing for divorce in the same way you assess illness. Sometimes you can address your health concerns with over-the-counter medicine and other times you may be in need of the services of a medical professional. You are almost never required to have a family law attorney represent you in these matters, but it is usually a pretty good idea.