Florida Petition for Child Relocation

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Florida Petition for Child Relocation

Petition to Relocate with Children

Can I move out of Florida without the other parent’s permission? Let’s say that you are no longer in a romantic relationship with the other parent of you child. What can you do if you want to move out of Miami, Florida and into a new home in a different state and your child’s other parent won’t agree to your relocation? You petition the Florida Family Court for consent to the relocation.

Child Relocation under Florida Law

There are, of course, a few requirements that the child relocation petition must meet. Under Florida Statute §61.13001, the petition must be notarized and contain:

1. A description of the location of the intended new residence, including the state, city, and specific physical address, if known.
2. The mailing address of the intended new residence, if not the same as the physical address, if known.
3. The home telephone number of the intended new residence, if known.
4. The date of the intended move or proposed relocation.
5. A detailed statement of the specific reasons for the proposed relocation. If one of the reasons is based upon a job offer that has been reduced to writing, the written job offer must be attached to the petition.
6. A proposal for the revised post-relocation schedule for access and time-sharing together with a proposal for the post-relocation transportation arrangements necessary to effectuate time-sharing with the child. Absent the existence of a current, valid order abating, terminating, or restricting access or time-sharing or other good cause predating the petition, failure to comply with this provision renders the petition to relocate legally insufficient.
7. The Agreement must also contain some boilerplate language that can be found in the text of the statute.

The petition must then be served on the other parent and every other individual who is entitled access to your child.

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