Why Use Family Wizard or Talking Parents?

Our Family Wizard

Why Use Family Wizard or Talking Parents?

Sharing your child with the other parent can be difficult and frustrating. Two parents will often disagree on one or more aspects of parenting or custody itself. While an attorney can help negotiate child support, custody, and visitation, and a judge can order them. When the court dates are over, it is up to the parents to follow the terms set and make their custody situation work for the sake of their children. This can be easier said than done, but there are two websites that can help make it easier.

Family Wizard

Our Family Wizard is a parenting communication tool which helps co-parents organize and file much of the information necessary that the parents should share in order to work together in order to make small changes to the parenting schedule,  document calendar events, maintain an expense log, etc. This is an essential tool utilized in order to avoid disputes. This program can be accessed from any mobile device and allows parents living in a different home to share information about their children and keep track of custody exchanges, conversation, and special events. The app makes communication between parents easier and can help avoid conflicts and confusion. Family Wizard can be used by any split family seeking a method to simplify share parenting. Parents can use the Family Wizard to:

  • Create parenting plans
  • Log expenses
  • Keep track of important dates and events
  • Arrange for shared activities
  • Keep track of exchange days
  • Discuss family information privately
  • and more… 

Talking Parents

Because communication and organization are two things that many split families struggle with, keeping all of your family documents, schedules and conversations together in one place could be just what your family needs. Talking Parents encourages parents to talk about and share all aspects of their parenting. Both parents can enter details about important dates, records or expenses, and the other parent can view these entries. Talking Parents provides a platform for parents to work together in raising their kids, and the app can simplify many of the most frustrating aspects of shared parenting.

Parents can create conversations based on topics that need to be discussed and then save and file those discussions on Talking Parents. These discussions can be brought up in court or custody dispute or can be referenced anytime one parent needs to know something from another. The service is as easy to use as email or texting and is a great way for parents who wouldn’t normally communicate well, to talk about their family’s important information and to work together for the sake of their children.

Parenting within a split or blended family can be difficult, and many families need all the help them can get to overcome communication and organization problems. If you find yourself in need of a way to communicate better with your child’s other parent, you should consider trying Family Wizard or Talking Parents. Your attorney can actually stipulate to the use of these software custody tools into your court-ordered parenting plan.