Who Must Attend the Final Divorce Hearing in Florida?

Who has to attend Final Divorce Hearing in Miami, Florida

Who Must Attend the Final Divorce Hearing in Florida?

Going through a divorce can be emotionally grueling, so it’s always useful to be aware of what you are required to do before going through the motions. Keeping a civil atmosphere between both the court and your former spouse will help the difficult time pass by without any major conflict. Depending on the sort of divorce you are going through, the procedures may be few and simple, or instead many and frustrating. Once you have finally reached the final hearing, however, you will want to pay even more attention to what you need to do in order to finalize the divorce. Beyond the necessary documents, legal counsel and more that you will not to bring with you, you must also be aware of who must attend the final hearing. This will all depend on the type of divorce you are going through and the area in which you filed the divorce. Although the legal requirements are often the same in different territories, there are occasional minor differences. For the purpose of this article, the legal necessities described detail who will be required to attend the final divorce trial in a Florida courtroom.

So, Who Must Attend the Final Divorce Hearing?

In most Florida divorce cases, both parties involved in the divorce will be required to attend the final hearing. Only in cases where an Uncontested Divorce is being undertaken, are both parties not required to attend. In these cases, only the Petitioner must appear before the judge. It is rare in these cases that the Respondent of the divorce case would be required to appear in the courtroom. However, it should be noted that the Judge will only consider testimony that he/she hears during this final hearing. If there is any information you want to make known to the Judge before the divorce comes to an official close, you should attend the final divorce hearing to do so. At this point in the case, most of this sort of information should already be known by the Judge, but the final divorce hearing is in place to allow you to air out any issues that may still be present.

Both Simplified Dissolution of Marriage proceedings and Contested Divorce proceedings require both parties to attend the final divorce hearing. Because of the more complicated operations of these two forms of divorce, documents or testimony might be needed from either spouse during the Judge’s final moments in the case. Having a knowledgeable divorce attorney help you along during these difficult times is highly recommended, as they can ensure that you are aware of any procedures you may need to complete in order to finalize the divorce.