Brickell Miami Attorney

The Law Firm of Jeffrey Alan Aenlle, PLLC is a Family Law Firm that is proud to be based in the Brickell neighborhood of Miami, Florida. The Brickell neighborhood of Miami, Florida is also known as the “Manhattan of the South”. Located just 15 minutes from South Beach it’s also close enough to the Miami nightlife. Brickell is the center of the area. It represents the major financial district of Miami and South Florida and is home to a large number of international banks. Brickell provides a center for large businesses, corporations, real estate companies, and law firms. It’s not all business but is also a community holding a lot of high-end condos and luxury apartments. Beautiful, warm, and much quieter than the hustle and bustle of downtown Miami, Brickell is a great tourist location.


The neighborhood is well known as a major financial district and for holding the largest concentration of international banks across the country. Full of commercial property, many large corporations, businesses, legal offices, and real estate offices call Brickell home. The area employs nearly 200,000 office professionals.  


Beautiful, luxury apartments flank the skyline and upscale condominiums can be found within gated communities. Brickell Avenue holds some of the most expensive homes, many of them worth millions.  The gated island, Brickell Key, holds some of the most luxurious homes in South Florida.  


The neighborhood is also well known for its diverse restaurant offerings and top-notch chefs. From simple sandwiches to four-course gourmet meals, the Brickell restaurant scene can deliver.  Some popular restaurants include The Capital Grille, Abocado, and La Mood Restaurant.

Despite the surrounding high-rise buildings, Brickell is surprisingly quaint and relaxed when compared to other large metropolitan areas. It has several parks and nature preserves including Allen Morris Brickell Park, Brickell Park, and Simpson Park to name a few.  

Because of its distance from the busy Miami nightlife, Brickell serves as a popular tourist location. It features several beautiful hotels including the Conrad Hotel and Resort as well as the Brickell Avenue Inn. Mary Brickell Village is the ultimate source of entertainment in Brickell. It features unique boutiques, fabulous retail stores, and high-end restaurants all laid out in a French Style.

A Unique Find

Brickell represents an extremely unique neighborhood as a large metropolitan and commercial area nestled in a beautiful, quaint, and touristy location. A commercial center with access to some of the best shopping and restaurants in South Florida, it is truly a rare find.