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Leftover Divorce Budget? Try These 7 Creative Ways to Use It

Leftover Divorce Budget

Leftover Divorce Budget? Try These 7 Creative Ways to Use It

Divorces can be expensive, and many people set a budget that allows them to pay for the legal aspects of the divorce. One the divorce is over, and you are ready to move on with your life, you may be lucky enough to have some money left over from your divorce budget. After dealing with something so stressful, you deserve to have a little fun and treat yourself to something special with that money. Why not get creative with your spending and use it on things you have always wanted or needed?

  1. Home Improvement
    If you decided to keep your home in the divorce or if you moved as a result of the divorce, you could use the leftover divorce budget funds to finance a home makeover or some home improvement. Maybe your home could use some new flooring, new furniture or an addition. Maybe you just want to give it a fresh coat of paint and some new curtains. Whatever you want or need for your home can be purchased with your leftover divorce money.  
  1. Vacation Or Weekend Getaway
    If you have a lot of money left over after your divorce, you might want to use it to go on a dream vacation. Use the money for a cruise, hotel stay, or airline tickets. If you don’t have enough left over to fund a big vacation, treat yourself to a fun weekend getaway instead. Take a trip to a spa, go camping or get some friends together to go to an amusement park. The fun will take your mind off of your divorce and everything it has caused you to go through.
  1. New Wardrobe
    After you go through a divorce, your self-esteem may be a little low. The best way to get it back is to look and feel your best. You can do that by using your leftover divorce budget money to get yourself a new wardrobe.  By some clothes and accessories that you love and that will help you feel good about yourself again.
  1. Gym Membership
    Ready to start over after your divorce? Why not start your new life off right by getting in shape? Use your divorce budget money to buy a gym membership. Don’t have a gym nearby or time to go to one? Why not buy some gym equipment for your home?
  1. Pets
    Now that you are divorced, you may be feeling lonely. Why not use your leftover divorce budget to buy yourself a pet for companionship? A puppy or kitten can keep you company and bring joy to your life. There is a pet to fit any budget so no matter how much money you have left over from your divorce; you will be able to find a cuddly critter to make you happy.
  1. Personal Items
    When you were married, you may have sacrificed some of the things you wanted for yourself so you could buy things for your family. With your divorce behind you and money to spend, you can finally feel good about buying personal items you have always wanted. Maybe it’s a laptop, TV or a video game system.
  1. Throw A Party
    You may or may not be in the mood to celebrate the finalization of your divorce, but you can throw a “divorce party” in order to improve your mood and change your outlook on the situation. Whether you choose to invite a large number of people or just want to invite a few close friends over for dinner. Having people that care about you around you will make you forget about your divorce and focus on all the positive things in your life.

Divorce can be a long and drawn-out process and can cost you a lot of money. If you budgeted your money and were lucky enough to have some leftover, you deserve to spend it on yourself. If you find yourself with leftover divorce money and can’t decide how to spend it or what to spend it on, get creative and think of the things you have always wanted or have always wanted to do. You deserve to be happy, and you might as well use the extra money to  buy or do things that are enjoyable.