Can a Stay at Home Dad Receive Alimony in Miami, Florida?

Can a Stay at Home Dad Receive Alimony in Miami, Florida?

Can a Stay at Home Dad Receive Alimony in Miami, Florida?

Gender roles often make people think that certain options are not available to them, particularly when it comes to family law. Questions regarding alimony, child support and more are often looked at from a very outdated point of view, which causes frustration and confusion for those trying to navigate the family law system.

One big topic that often causes confusion is the issue of support rights for stay-at-home dads. Knowing your rights as a spouse is not only important to yourself but to your child as well. Perhaps the most confusing issue regarding this topic is alimony. Many recently divorced fathers become confused as to whether or not they can receive alimony payments from their working spouse. After all, in our heavily gendered society, maintenance has been unfortunately perceived as something that only women receive.

If you are a single, stay-at-home father and can benefit from alimony payments, you may have the right to receive them. To be successfully granted alimony, however, you must first prove to the courts that you are a “dependent spouse,” and that your former spouse is a “supporting spouse.”

Before seeking alimony, know what factors contribute to whether or not you and your former spouse fall into these categories. Here are a few of the most important factors the courts will consider when analyzing your case:

  • Your spouse’s income.
  • Your standard of living during your previous marriage.
  • Claims of misconduct during your marriage, such as abuse or adultery.
  • The disparity between you and your spouse’s income.

Along with these key factors, many other smaller yet important factors will be considered. So, it’s important to know the local laws that concern the area in which you live. Hiring a Florida-based family law attorney is the best way to ensure you are rights are being preserved in every scenario that could keep you from receiving the alimony you feel you deserve.

Maintenance can make or break a stay-at-home father’s ability to lead a satisfying life, so never hesitate to take action if you feel you are owed alimony. By finding the right Florida-based family law attorney, you will be one step closer to a more stable family life and personal life.