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What is an Income Deduction Order Under Florida Law?

What is an Income Deduction Order Under Florida Law?

Income Deduction Orders

If you are currently going through a Florida divorce and are supposed to receive child support and/or alimony – you should be aware of Income Deduction Orders. Put simply, it is an order issued by a judge through which the parent who is supposed to pay a child support or an alimony obligation does so through an automated payment – taken directly taken out of his or her paycheck each week.

Of course, sometimes, the paying parent does not like making payments in this manner, as they may feel it provides their employer with too much personal information about them. However, unless you and your spouse are in agreement to not have an Income Deduction Order for a particular reason, it is a very good idea to have them added to your Florida divorce agreements or support orders. Through the use of the automated income deduction order payments are (very rarely) late, there is an excellent record of payments made, and the contact between ex-spouses (and co-parents) is kept to a minimum (as regards to financial matters).

If you are recently divorced or have had problems with your ex-spouse (and/or parent of your children) paying and this was not added to your divorce agreement, we can simply petition the Florida family court to add it. If you have any questions regarding Income Deduction Orders or, more generally, questions with regards to Child Support / Alimony payments, give us a call.