How Can Mediation Be of Benefit in the Divorce Process?

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How Can Mediation Be of Benefit in the Divorce Process?

Divorce can be an emotionally draining time, and the public nature of it all can make it particularly difficult to navigate. For those that prefer to handle personal issues in a non-public environment, mediation can provide an excellent alternative to the highly visible and time-draining court divorce process.

Many distinct advantages exist within the mediation process, no matter what level of communication you and your spouse are currently having. To help readers who know very little about the mediation process, here are five reasons you should seriously consider a mediation session before your divorce:

1. Pricing

One of the most stressful aspects of any divorce is the time and money spent inside the court system. Thankfully, mediations can be performed for a reasonable price, and if done correctly, can save you a lot of money and time. If you have a cooperative spouse, you will be able to sit down and thoroughly go over aspects of settlement/custody terms that would be much harder to navigate within the court system.

2. No Strings Attached

A mediation can be terminated at any time. If you ever feel that the mediator is unfairly advantageous to your spouse, you can leave the negotiations without any penalty. In a court case where you are being treated unfairly, you sadly do not have this valuable option.

3. Low-Stress Environment

Thanks to the non-commitment style of mediation, you can enter the situation with a comparatively low-stress level. Because you are not “on a leash”, you can speak openly and bluntly with your spouse about your desires for the settlement/custody options in your divorce. In some cases, you may even be able to avoid a court case altogether if the proceedings go well enough.

4. You are In Control

Once again, one of the main advantages of mediation is the overall sense of control you feel when undergoing it. Divorce trials can be high-stress environments in which a judge makes the ultimate decision. If you want an environment where you can be calm, collected, and cool while negotiating with your spouse, mediation is a good option to have.

5. Privacy

One of the most difficult issues for most individuals about divorce cases is the public appearances they will have to make. Appearing in court can be stressful as some people may feel embarrassed of extremely distressed about their divorce. Additionally, those with significant assets or child custody on the line are likely to feel even more stressed out and frustrated by the whole public spectacle of a divorce case. Thankfully, Mediation allows you and your spouse to work through these tough emotional issues in an environment that is entirely private. So if you are in need of privacy during this tough emotional time, mediation, again, is a good option.

If you are ready to start the mediation process, you should contact your local family law attorney and ask for a recommendation to a professional mediator. In some cases, you may want to find a mediator alongside your spouse, that way each party feels comfortable with the mediator chosen.