Who Pays Attorney Fees in Paternity Actions in Florida?

paternity action in florida

Who Pays Attorney Fees in Paternity Actions in Florida?

Mothers are, of course, usually listed on their child’s birth certificate at the time of the child’s birth – but what about the father that is not married to the birth mother? They are not always listed on the birth certificate, so a Florida paternity action must be opened – but who pays?

Fees in Paternity Actions in Florida

While clients are almost always primarily responsible for attorney fees, the attorney fees can sometimes be “shifted” to the opposing party in some types of lawsuits in Florida. One such type is the paternity action.  For instance, if the petitioning mother succeeds in the paternity action, her attorney may then petition the court to order the respondent father to pay the mother’s attorney fees (Florida Statute §§742.031(1), 742.045). Conversely, however, if the respondent father in the paternity action is found not to be the father of the child, his attorney may petition the court to award attorneys’ fees to him – at the expense of the mother (Florida Statute §742.045).

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